2024-25 Housing for Current Residents Only

Space is limited! At this time, we are only able to offer rooms and apartments to students who currently live on campus in the residence halls and apartments.

For you consideration we're holding single rooms at Ashton Center and Eigenmann Hall. Apartments are available at Union Street Center and a few at Willkie Quad/Mason Hall.

More Information   Renew Your Housing

Other students seeking housing for 2024-25 can use the IDS Housing Guide to find other arrangements. Student Legal Services is available to review leases and help students navigate the leasing experience.

Check out the property and landlord you’re looking at with the City of Bloomington’s Office of Housing and Neighborhood Development.

Get renter’s insurance from IU’s partner GradGuard or an insurance company of your choosing.

Spring maintenance and cleaning

Our maintenance and custodial (environmental operations) staff will be working in the residence halls and apartments in the beginning of the spring semester. Filters in heating units will be cleaned in all buildings by the end of February. Check the schedule to know your building's designated date.

To prepare your room or apartment, remove anything hanging on the heating unit and move items blocking direct access to the unit. There will need to be a clear path on the floor from the door to your heating unit.

Prepare for HVAC unit cleaning

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